SvitlanaV. Gadetska

Head of the Department of Higher Mathematics, PhD in Physics and Mathematics



The Department of Higher Mathematics is a general department of the Institute. It runs teaching in higher mathematics and in mathematical methods and models for all specialities. Also, the Department delivers the elementary mathematics course as the Pre-university Training and provides methodological and consulting services for the gifted students-participants of the various scientific contests and competitions.


Principal research interests:
Mathematical Modeling in Economics
Information Security Systems
Improvement of the Teaching Methodology in the Higher Education

Higher Mathematics
Discrete Mathematics
Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics
Optimization Methods and Models
Financial Mathematics
Mathematical Methods and Models in Management and Economics

Master Courses:
Operations Research in Economics
Decision-Making Models andMethodsin the Analysis andAudit
Mathematical Methods and Modelsin Finance
Modeling of Financial Security Systems of the Bank
Modeling of Financial Security Systems of the Business Entities
Applied Statistics
Complex Security Systems ofBankingInformation Technologies

Academic Staff