• Admission and tuition fees

To be our student it is required to:
1. Standard application form;
2. Original or copy of document of education and academic results got on educational disciplines (these documents must be legalized; translating of documents into Ukrainian or Russian language must be notarized);
3. A copy of birth certificate;
4. The medical certificate of health, certified by an official body of the country which you are from, issued no later than two months before entering the study in Ukraine;
5. A copy of the passport;
6. The current health insurance policy (except for foreigners who come from countries which have signed agreements on the free provision of emergency medical assistance);
7. 10 photos of 60 x 40 mm;
All documents must be legalized in Ukrainian Embassy and translated in Ukrainian.
Admission to pre-university training is carried out year-round.

Tuition fees* (equivalent in USD for a 1 year of study)
• Pre-university training – 1200 $
• Bachelor’s degree (Russian/English language) – 1750 $
• Master’s degree (Russian/English language) – 2200 $

* Payment is done only in local Ukrainian currency with the exchange rate of the National Bank of Ukraine regarding the currency on the payment date.

Antonov Danil
e-mail: bankinvitation@gmail.com
Peremogy Ave., 55, Kharkiv, Ukraine.


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